Domaine des Notes Bleues


The Jura is bursting with new talent at the moment and Jurassien Cédric Mottet is one of those vignerons. He grew up around the vines, working in them most of his adolescent years to learn his craft.  Cedric left the Jura to study music and a professional career however he always aspired to become a vigneron.  Jura kept calling though and in 2017 he re-settled in Mesnay.  He’s combined his passion for jazz with his love of wine, taking his domaine name from the blue notes, those notes which are not written but which the musicians know how to integrate into their improvisations.  This also translates into his wine as he confidently experiments to create interesting cuvees.

Cedric now works 4.8 hectares organically with a mix of old and new vines.  He initially purchased the Les Nouvelles vineyard from Stéphane Tissot in Arbois but has also added to his holdings with several other famed vineyards in Arbois and Mesnay including the beautiful vineyard of cul de Bray.

Most of his cuvées are single vineyard from old vines between 70 and 80 years old, however Cedric has also planted 1.5 hectares of young wines all with organic practices.  He intends to plant another 60 acres this year, mainly of trousseau and this should further enhance the complexity of his wines in the future.

The whites are all aged in burgundy barrels and demi muid to give texture and length to his wines.  Cedric’s whites are traditional in styling, with minerality and complexity, and he stays true to his love of jazz with many references in the cuvee names.