Jura Masterclass

Well the Jura Rare Wine Dinner has come and gone. It was so good to host Wink Lorch in Sydney. It was an amazing tasting that is still getting talked about today within the trade and even caused a stir in the Jura. The older wines, especially the Vin Jaunes, were some of the most interesting and complex wines I have tasted.

As some of you already know, Rare Wine Dinners started importing wines from the Jura and other regions a little while ago now and we have transferred this business into a separate entity that I, Greg Murphy, will be running. If you don't wish to receive further updates regarding this part of the business, please feel free to click the unsubscribe link.

So on to the Masterclass. I have teamed up with Northbridge cellars for another Jura tasting of epic proportions. We will taste through most of the wines available to purchase on the night, along with some rare wines, of course, that I love so much to drink. We will be serving some regional fare to go along with the wines so it will be another night to remember.  I have just returned from a trip to the Jura meeting all the producers and assessing the vintage. It is one of the most extraordinary places I have visited. The countryside is as hypnotic as it's Vin Jaune. If you love your wine, your food and French country side, the Jura should be on your to see list but let us take you there in spirit next week.

Please join us next Thursday November 5 for an exploration into all the unique styles of the Jura including new release and back vintage wines presented with regional food in a relaxed atmosphere of the Northbridge Cellars tasting rooms in Sydney. We will have a selection of wine foods that hail from Jura - Coq a Vin, Morteau sausage and cheeses like Comte and Tete de Moine - to compliment the selection of wines.


The distinguished and eccentric lineup...

NV Dugois Cremant
2009 Champ Fort Rouge Ploussard
2013 Hughes Beguet So True Trousseau
2011 Frederic Lambert Trousseau
Old Trousseau and Pinot
1990 Camille Loye Trousseau
1999 Domaine de la Reine Jeanne Pinot
Topped up Chardonnay
2013 Les Dolomies En Novelin  Chardonnay
2013 Les Dolomies Les Combes Chardonnay
Topped Up Savagnin
2012 Hughes Beguet Tres orDinaire Savagnin
2013 Hughes Beguet Orange Blanc Savagnin
Oxidative Chardonnay
2012 Frederic Lambert Les Gryphees Chardonnay
2011 Frederic Lambert Savagnin/Chardonnay
Oxidative Savagnin
2009 Frederic Lambert Savagnin
2009 Hughes Beguet Savagnin
Vin Jaune
2008 Daniel Dugois Vin Jaune
Old Vin de Paille
1990 Chateau d’Arlay

Les Dolomies Macvin

The details

Jura Masterclass

North Bridge Cellars
153 Sailors Bay Rd
Northbridge, NSW 2063
Thursday November 5
6:30pm sharp
18 seats available
$50 per head
Extremely limited stock supply
Classic Jura food provided by Northbridge Cellars (NC)


Bookings are essential
Please email Greg Murphy